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  • Monday, January 08, 2007

    Fiestawarepaloosa! Recently I have changed over from my old dinner plates (that we got when we were married) to Fiestaware. The great thing about Fiestaware, besides being colorful and more of a pottery kind of look, and a slightly Arts & Crafts look (which I love), is that if I break a dish, any color can replace it. Also, since the company has been around since 1936, replacement dishes will always be available, and they don't have to match. Nicer things like vases and presentation bowls I will be very careful of, of course. The other great thing about Fiestaware is that it is a ready-made gift idea for family. I'll keep a list here of what I've got so far, both for fun and for family updates (okay, Mom, now you don't have to ask anymore!):

    I have place settings in these colors:

    Also have these items already:
    sugar and creamer set in heather
    spoon rest in heather
    2 serving bowls in sunflower and plum
    1 platter in heather
    1 small vase in sunflower
    70th anniversary presentation bowl in heather

    I am looking for:
    serving bowl or platter in cinnabar
    any teapots
    any of the big vases
    salt and pepper shakers in black and white
    juniper place setting (retired color)
    chili mugs, lunch plates, soup bowls,
    butter dish, tool crocks, covered casserole,
    pitchers, etc.

    I also collect hand-made pottery and vessels, such as bowls, vases, mugs, chalices, teapots, etc, that have a heavy pottery look or an Art & Crafts style. I am most proud of my more unique items, such as an apple baker, a strawberry bowl w/ hidden ice underbowl, and a tea mug with lid with a particularly earthy glaze.


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