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  • Friday, October 31, 2008


    I'm taking off work early today to go spend some time with a little pumpkin and a heroic Buzz Lightyear space ranger. And perhaps get high on a little sugar. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Pumpkin is my favorite flavor. Fall is my favorite season, and I'm glad that my birthday is in the Fall too. Candy Corn used to be my favorite candy, and I should probably still say it is even tho I can hardly eat it it's just pure sugar and my teeth feel like they are fossilizing in my mouth whenever I eat any!

    This will be, I hope, if it works out and no trantrums are thrown, Tyler's first time real trick-or-treating. He's been out to neighbors houses a Halloween or two next to his old day-care provider's home, but as he was too young to say "trick or treat" and also since all of his candy had been confiscated as being too young for it, and mind you he didn't care either, I don't think it hardly counts. So, wish me luck today!


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