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  • Wednesday, November 12, 2008


    Well, I'm 38 today, and it seems this is the age when I realize my body is falling apart. Great timing: I had an ekg on Monday and it is, of course, irregular. I got a new blood pressure prescription to start on. They say the stress of the high bp may have caused damage to the heart, so to tell I need to take a stress test and get a heart ultrasound thing. Hhhmmm. I must say, I just don't feel well, in general. Basic heart/bp type issues.

    Next Friday I have an "outpatient procedure" which I assume is a phrase I will use increasingly as I age. Okay. But I'm very, very nervous. They will remove a wolffian duct cyst, and that's all I'm gonna say about it. If you know what that is, then you know something very personal about me. After two births, it has grown and must be removed. Fun fun fun.

    I'm trying to catch up to the neglect that I've practised since I've shifted my focus to my kids. I have a series of dentist appointments, and want to see a dermatologist about mole removal, fun fun fun, and my joints ache--is it too soon to develop arthritis? I'm getting some of the super-early menopause type symptoms according to some books. If that's what it is, of course. Who knows.

    I really need to go back to yoga. Bet I'd feel better.



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